Business Has Only Two Functions

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〜 Peter Drucker 〜

With the rise of Industry 4.0, the global economy is entering a process of “creative destruction”. Excellent entrepreneurs must lead enterprises to transform and upgrade in order to continuously create value. For enterprise innovation, technology itself is not an end, but a means to improve productivity. Only those who dare to innovate the entrepreneurial spirit can create a new development pattern.


The Global Academy of Innovative Enterprises (GAIE) is a non-profit organization facilitated by Nobel Laureate Prof. Shuji Nakamura to promote individual, corporate and social innovation, and sustainable development, in response to challenges of Global Industry 4.0. For a long time, people have associated innovation with the technology industry, which has alienated the true definition of innovation. To redefine innovation, GAIE will go back to basics and focus on business models that consist of four elements: products, services, solutions, and organizational leadership. In the future, we will work with you to lead the innovation revolution and advocate the transformation of innovation paradigm.

The Global Institute of Innovative Enterprises is the first professional organization in the world to develop the “Enterprise 4.0 Management Standard”, which helps enterprises and organizations to translate the principles of Industry 4.0 into effective actions to promote sustainable development. The “Enterprise 4.0 Management Standard” is not a certification standard, although it is written according to the framework of ISO 9001, it is a guiding document applicable to all organizations.


What does it mean for the business world?

Covid-19 is disrupting our geopolitical climate, supply chain and customer demand. As a result, every enterprise’s strategy, business model, and product need to innovate faster to realize the value of digital transformation.

“Enterprise 4.0 Management Standard” can provide an effective way for senior executives to systematically manage innovation. Therefore, our mission and reward program is designed to enable organizations to continuously transform and innovate.

Through our courses and diverse exchanges, it is our mission to discover and demonstrate the sustainability of corporate innovation to improve the way of life in our society. We advocate the liberalization of innovation in all organizations, large and small, and in all industries, to continuously create value for society.


The world has entered the era of intelligent industry 4.0, smart factories, smart logistics, smart retail, smart services, smart homes or smart cities, etc., all need innovative thinking in order to integrate IoT, cloud services, big data, blockchain and other technologies, employing virtual and physical system to enhance competitiveness.

Our mission is to bring together social talents, technologies and knowledge networks to promote the sustainable development of Enterprise 4.0. On this basis, our goals are as follows:

Bring diverse talents, cultures and industries to foster the creation, marketing and development of breakthrough thinking and innovation for the digital transformation of products and services

Host workshops, seminars, international conferences and certification programs to advance the capabilities and competencies of individuals to face the challenges of Industry 4.0

Through the Innovation Recognition Scheme, professional qualifications and awards are awarded to recognize the efforts and achievements of individuals or companies that have contributed to innovation or Industry 4.0.

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“Innovation” is not necessarily a new invention, it can be the comprehensive application of knowledge in different fields, or the use of the latest technology to solve problems existing in society, thereby generating new ideas, new products, new services or new business models .

“Enterprise 4.0®” is to use the technology of Industry 4.0 to solve the problems existing in the market or society, thereby bringing new value to consumers, promoting enterprise innovation, transformation and upgrading, and creating unique competitive advantages.

For further understanding the business model of “Enterprise 4.0”, please enroll in our courses.



Innovation Partner Industry Chapter, an industry focus group established to promote innovation to ensure the industry’s competitive advantage. It helps nurture potential partners to support government policies to drive these investments, as needed by companies looking to digitize and modernize their businesses.


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