The Belt and Road Initiative
- Outstanding Chinese Series -

Companies from countless regions around the world have already invested in the economic activities of the “Belt and Road” initiative, forming an engine for general economic growth. Hong Kong is the hub of the “Belt and Road” initiative, and the successful stories of Hong Kong need to be told.

Chinese Leadership Award

“Global Chinese Leadership Award ” is committed to commending Chinese people for their hard work and self-improvement spirit, which can be seen and learned by the society. This has an inspiring effect on the younger generation of entrepreneurs. The good quality of chinese entrepreneurship can thus be inherited to create countless miracles.

Outstanding Global Inno 〜Leadership Award

“Outstanding Global Inno 〜Leadership Award ” is dedicated to honoring leaders with innovative thinking business models who can break through the post-epidemic era and global economic uncertainty, and create sustainable value for customers, enterprises and society.

Outstanding Chinese Enterprise of the Year

The “Outstanding Chinese Enterprise of the Year” is dedicated to commending outstanding enterprises and leaders in the global Chinese region for their outstanding achievements in interacting with the world, as well as their great contributions to society.

The benefits of  Awards are as follows:

Member of Innovation Summit

People from different industries and backgrounds can join this program. We will arrange relevant people to participate according to different forum topics. For example, start-ups, self-employed people, and retail (store owners) can stand in their positions and share their experiences with our guests. On the company’s corporate philosophy making the society more united and inclusive to promote social innovation.