Enterprise 4.0


Enterprises 4.0

“Enterprise 4.0 is one of the important issues of global concern, and business leaders around the world are preparing for the transformation and upgrading of their organizations to enhance their competitive advantage.

The “Certified Enterprise 4.0 Planner” training course is a professionally recognized course specially designed for CEOs and senior executives. By applying the principles of “Industry 4.0”, it can increase the added value of products and services and enhance international competitiveness.

This course is mainly practical and will not only talk about technical theory. The content includes the operation principle of Enterprise 4.0, the operation principle of Organization 4.0, the analysis of organizational transformation, the design thinking and leadership ability of Enterprise 4.0, strategic process reorganization, and cross-domain virtual-real integration , sustainable development and green supply chain, as well as IoT, big data, artificial intelligence, 3D printers and other applications.

For the course details and registration method, please contact
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